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Give The Gift Of Health This Holiday With A Medical Mani-pedi!

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Here’s a scary fact when it comes to your nails – there are nearly 50,000 nail salons across the United States, and because there’s so many, it’s hard to know what’s happening inside each one.
Sure, there are disinfection standards at the state level and inspectors whose job is catching violations, but in some places, there might not be enough watchdogs to go around. Yahoo News recently reported that New York has 27 inspectors to review all the state’s salons — including the bounty of salons in New York City.
Over a four-year period, 19 percent of the state’s salons were cited for sanitary violations.
Another scary fact: Dr. Robert Spalding, a podiatrist who wrote the book “Death by Pedicure: The Dirty Secrets of Nail Salons” estimates 75 percent nail salons nationwide don’t follow state guidelines for disinfecting their instruments.
Don’t be fooled if you walk into a nail salon for your mani-pedi and see instruments soaking in jars of blue disinfectant — it’s only effective if the liquid is changed daily, if instruments soak for more than 10 minutes and if they’re hand-cleaned first.
Why should you be so concerned about cleanliness at the nail salon? Because nail filing or cuticle-cutting during a mani-pedi may cause microtraumas – tiny injuries that allow bacteria to enter the body and potentially cause infection, such as Hepatitis B, MRSA and other infections.
Not to mention that toenail fungus can be contracted from salon foot baths if the tub or the instruments aren’t cleaned properly.
More scary news – those who have poor circulation or diabetes are at higher risk of ending up with an infection, and may want to avoid traditional nail salon.
Now for some good news – the doctors and staff at have a better alternative to traditional nail salons. We offer medical mani-pedis and other nail services at many of our offices, including our Roscoe Village and Elmhurst locations.
What is a medical mani-pedi? Basically, it’s a safer, sterile salon-style treatment that will leave your fingers and toes looking great without the risk.
All of our instruments go through a multi-step sterilization process, and are treated like any other surgical instruments.
All our mani-pedi tools such as nail files, buffers and tub liners are single-use only.
In addition, our mani-pedis have they following benefits:
• They’re sanitary with very low risk of fungal, bacterial and viral infection
• The process is sterile — Instruments are autoclaved and never re-used on another person
• It’s a relaxing, yet safe treatment that includes also includes an exfoliating scrub and callous removal
• The service is finished with polish in the latest colors and natural, anti-fungal products are used and available
The spread of disease has become too common, so our mission is providing a safe, sterile and private environment that will leave patients with beautiful feet and peace of mind.
This month, we are offering coupons on our nail services on Amazon Local, and we have gift certificates available for purchase in our offices for the holidays – the perfect stocking stuffer.
Want more info about our mani-pedis? Go online to!
We wish your health and during the holidays and well into the new year!
Ankle N Foot Center docs and staff