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Study Shows Uv Sanitizers Could Offer Solutions For Fungus, Smelly Shoes

Study Shows UV Sanitizers Could Offer Solutions for Fungus, Smelly Shoes
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With Memorial Day approaching, there’s plenty of summer fun planned for those in the Chicago area, everything from spending the day at Navy Pier or the Lincoln Park Zoo to special events that draw crowds into the city such as the annual Taste of Chicago.
But the doctors at Ankle and Foot Centers know one of the downsides of warmer weather is that it can make the toe area of your shoes an ideal place for fungus to grow. The dark, moist area inside the shoe can lead to issues such as athlete’s foot or fungal toenail infections – or at the very least, smelly shoes.
However, the Wall Street Journal published a story a few weeks ago about ultraviolet sanitizers that claim to eliminate shoes of fungi that can lead to infections — in addition to ridding athletic and leather shoes of bacteria that make them smelly.
The Journal reported that one device — the SteriShoe — was found in a study to lessen the levels of fungus in test pairs of athletic and leather shoes, but scientists say more research is needed.
According to the Journal, a study that was published in 2012 in the Journal of the American Podiatric Medical Association concluded that the SteriShoe device — sold by California-based Shoe Care Innovations — reduced the levels of two common fungi that cause athlete’s foot and nail infections by 80 percent.
But since only four shoes were tested, the researchers can’t be sure that some of fungus reduction didn’t occur by chance.
“There is a very good trend that this works, but more research is needed for a really solid, robust conclusion,” study co-author Mahmoud A. Ghannoum, who works as professor and director of the Center for Medical Mycology and Mycology Reference Library at Cleveland’s Case Western Reserve University – told the Journal.
If you’re confused about how to remove odor from your shoes – of other issues such as athlete’s foot or fungus, don’t hesitate to consult the doctors at Ankle and Foot Centers. Our podiatrists commonly treat these types of issues, and we can recommend some of the best types of shoes for you. In addition, we also offer state-of-the-art laser treatment for toenail fungus.
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