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Serving Our Communities

Serving Our Communities
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You might be surprised to hear that Dr. George Tsatsos, long-time practitioner and CEO of Ankle N Foot Centers, doesn’t reside in Chicago anymore. Yet, hundreds of miles away, has found a way to provide care for his new community.

Dr. Tsatsos continues his work at the People’s Health Clinic, a volunteer-driven nonprofit organization located in Wasatch County, Iowa. The People’s Health Clinic, established in 1999, is focused on providing accessible health care for the local community.

What sorts of conditions have you been treating?

“I have been treating skin and nail fungus, plantar fasciitis, pain in the arch (mid-foot), metatarsalgia, and walking difficulties.”

How did you get involved with the clinic?

I started about 8 months ago, and heard about the clinic through my daughter’s pediatrician.

What do you enjoy most about the work you’re doing?

I enjoy helping patients, especially difficult cases, which challenges me. In this case, since I am still the CEO/CMO of Ankle N Foot Centers, I find that donating my time once a week to the clinic fits perfectly with my current responsibilities.