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Can You Walk On A Fractured Foot?


Hello Dr. George,
Recently, I had bad landing while sky diving. Due to very bad weather, I landed backwards and on my heels, now my ankle doesn’t look good. I can walk without any problems, the only pain I have is on heel when I try to move my foot downwards and upwards. Maybe you could give any advice how I can try to make it feel better?


The fact that it hurts indicates that something has been injured. The fact that you can walk on it does not mean it’s not fractured.

Go see your local podiatrist.

That said, you can also try PRICE. That means:

  • Protect — Wear an ankle brace around the ankle and limit the movements that aggravate it.
  • Rest — This speaks for itself. If you are off this weekend, take the time to rest the ankle.
  • Ice — This will help if the ankle is painful and it should help reduce the swelling a little.
  • Compress — Use an Ace wrap or ankle sleeve on the foot that hurts.
  • Elevate — This will help if the ankle throbs or swells at the end of the day.

If your ankle continues to hurt or gets worse, come see us. The podiatrists of Ankle N Foot Centers are specialists in orthopedics and sports medicine. We are located in Chicago, Bartlett and Elmhurst, and we are here to help!