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What Does Discomfort In The Left Side Of The Foot Mean?


Dear Doctor, I have been experiencing off and on an odd discomfort on the bottom left side of my left foot for a few months now. The best way I can describe it, is that it is similar to a knee giving way which makes you feel like you are going to fall but your body recovers quickly.

My left foot kind of does the same thing. On a regular normal basis, I do not have pain. But this feeling of collapse does concern me.

I particularly noticed yesterday when going up and down a small step stool to clean kitchen cabinets. When I step down on the step stool and finally put pressured on my left foot on the floor it would give way then as well.

What might cause that? I haven’t had an injury that I can recall. But it does make me nervous that perhaps I will fall eventually because of it and possibly incur other injuries.
Thank you for your response in advance.



Dear Mitzi,

Unfortunately as we age, certain people are prone to what sounds like posterior tibial tendon dysfunction. Other causes are obesity & avoidance of exercise. Good news is that when caught early—its progression may be slowed or halted.

If it’s weight & lack of exercise—that’s addressable. Other aids are orthotics or braces. If you are very active & the orthotics & braces don’t help-there are surgical corrections for posterior tibial tendon dysfunction.
Hope this helps & good luck!

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