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Do ‘floppy Feet’ As A Kid Lead To The Need For Bigger Shoes As An Adult?


As a kid, I was diagnosed as having “floppy feet,” they tend to be wide toward the end. I had shoe inserts that probably set my mother back $100, but I never wore them — they weren’t terribly comfortable.

Today, I am 32 (and male,) and my sneakers don’t seem to last as long as they used to. I was thinking of going up a size or two just to keep my foot from over-stretching them. Are the benefits better for having shoes that are too loose, versus too tight?


For your question about orthotics, the shoe should be snug — but not tight — and the foot should not move while you are walking.

Since it sounds like it’s been a while since you had orthotics, I’d suggest that you go see a podiatrist and get a fresh diagnosis. Any of the doctors here at our clinics could help you determine what type of orthotic you might need – and find one that’s comfortable enough for you to want to wear.

Don’t bother wearing old orthotics. If you are going to wear an insert, keep in mind that you may need a shoe that’s a little bigger. And remember, wearing the right sized shoes is important.

When you go shoe-shopping, take the orthotics with you and try shoes on with the inserts to make sure it fits and your foot can go comfortably inside the shoe. If the fit is too tight, look for shoes where the liner can be lifted– like a gym shoe insert — to make more room for the orthotic.

If you get new orthotics and they are not comfortable, tell your podiatrist right away.

At the Ankle N Foot Centers, we always make sure that an orthotic is functional and as comfortable as can be!

For more information about orthotics, check our services page.

I hope this helps. Good Luck!