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Glass In The Foot After Cutting Grass Leads To Need For Surgery. But Where?


My husband was mowing the lawn recently when the lawn-mower threw a piece of glass and cut his leg. He went to med express and was told he had a piece of glass next to the bone on his tibia. And that an orthopedic would have to remove it. Can he do this in his office, or will my husband need surgery?


In cases where there’s glass or other foreign bodies in the foot or ankle, the physicians at Ankle N Foot Centers can usually do the removal under local anesthesia in a sterile setting, such as a minor procedure room in our office.
Sometimes, minimal sedation can be given by mouth to relieve anxiety.

In this case, if the glass is hidden, deep or hard to get to, then it would be done in outpatient surgery, a procedure that the doctors at Ankle N Foot Center do routinely.

Ask for outpatient surgery, not hospital surgery.

I hope this helps. Good Luck!