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Ask The Podiatrist: Bunion Surgery

Question: Hi Doc. I have bunions. Should I have bunion surgery? I heard it’s very painful & takes forever to heal. In all cases of

#Footpain—–Foot Problems on the Rise

#footpain, A study, conducted by the Center for Health Workforce Studies at the School of Public Health, University at Albany, attributes an increase in foot problems

What is a Sesamoid Fracture?

Sesamoid Fracture for Beason has him out for 3 months. The sasamoids are small bones under the first metatarsal head & give mechanical leverage to

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I have been experiencing off and on an odd discomfort on the bottom left side of my left foot for a few months now.

Ask the Doc!

QUESTION: What are some of the things that I should think of before purchasing running shoes? I sometimes run on hard surfaces and other times