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Diabetic Foot Care

How do you take care of a diabetic foot?

Foot care is a very important part of diabetic treatment. At Ankle N Foot, we want to be able to provide an on-going plan facilitate the care of your feet.

Ulcers and sores.

You may be more prone to open wounds; routine foot checks are crucial to catching ulcers and sores early.

Corns, cracks, and calluses.

Individuals suffering from diabetes will often experience dry feet and/or trouble with corns and calluses. Over-the-counter products may worsen the condition. Having a professional foot care provider can help avoiding such problems.

Nerve damage.

Our doctors can inform you of everyday activities that may be implicative of nerve damage.

Routine checkups.

It’s important to see a foot specialist regularly, even when your feet aren’t bothering you.

Podiatrists can often be the first to notice diabetes-related foot problems; sometimes these issues aren’t as simple as looking at your feet.

Image depicting Diabetic Foot Care
A picture of diabetic foot care