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QUESTION: What are some of the things that I should think of before purchasing running shoes? I sometimes run on hard surfaces and other times on uneven cricket ground. Which brands and types will be good for me? Can you suggest some brands?
ANSWER: This Orthopedic Chicago Podiatrist says…
To select running shoes, determine which shoes will give you the most cushioning and best fit in the store. Anytime I seek advice on a personal product-I always test the product before purchase. A certain brand may work for someone better than others. Best to ask the person at the shoe store for 3 recommended shoes. Try them in the store for a minimum of 5-6 minutes each. Seek comfortable fit & stomp with one brand on one foot & another on the other foot. Your feet will make the decision for you. The varying terrain may keep you from shoes that lace higher. Just do a squat & whichever shoe feels better along with the other information will be best. Do not be fooled by claims of manufacturers.
A shoe that is a little stiff in the heel, breathes well and flexes at the ball of the foot & not the arch is a good shoe. Personally, I prefer a leather shoe for the durability & protection-but it’s a little heavier.
Asics make good running shoes at a reasonable price.
Hope this helps & Good Luck!
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